What restaurants you find on Foodz?. 1

How we select our partner restaurants?. 2

You can’t find your favourite restaurant on our application? Suggest it to us!. 2

What are the three screens of discovery?. 2

Will what information I find on the card of the restaurant?. 3

How to recommend a restaurant to a friend?. 4

How to send a Privy Council in a restaurant so that it improves?. 6

Where is my discount tickets?. 8

How to find a restaurant on Foodz?. 9

What is space ‘News ‘?. 10

How to filter my search?. 10

Can everyone send its opinion on Foodz?. 12

Up to – 50% off the Bill! How is that possible?. 12

On Foodz, all restaurants offer promotions?. 12

Will what promotions I find on Foodz?. 12

Should I tell the restaurant I came through Foodz?. 13

By saying that I am a Foodzer with a promotion, would I be served differently?. 13

How can I insert a photo of profile to my Foodz account?. 13

How does the Foodz loyalty program?. 14

How to use a loyalty bonus?. 14




Who are we and what do we offer?

Foodz is a guide to restaurants Parisian trends smartphone application.

Our mission is to help you find the perfect restaurant according to your tastes, thanks to recommendations from your friends and the trend made by all the word of mouth of the members of the community Foodz.

In addition, you will benefit from exclusive promotions by recommending your turn a restaurant to a friend by Foodz.

You are not in Paris, thankfully, Let’s expand us rapidly in the major cities of France.

What restaurants you find on Foodz?

Foodz you offer more than 200 restaurants in Paris and new tips every day!

A wide selection of all types of cuisine and price ranges from the small authentic street corner Bistro, to the modern and efficient restaurant through the most prestigious restaurant for your romantic dinner.

Whatever your occasion, on Foodz you will find the ideal trendy restaurant!



How we select our partner restaurants?

Foodz lists a wide choice of restaurants that will suit all kind of occasion.

Restaurants can pay to improve their visibility in our guide.

The visibility of the restaurants on our site is determined, among other things, by the recommendations of your friends and community Foodz, validated by a flash of QR code by the Restorer involving that users are actually here to eat on-site.

Why? Because the best advice (trust) gourmet come from your friends! By recommending your friends a restaurant, you are the trend and the confidence of our gastronomic guide actor!

You can’t find your favourite restaurant on our application? Suggest it to us!

You typed the name of your restaurant favorite in the field to the address of the search bar and it does not appear in your list of results?

Please suggest us! We are always takers, especially when it comes to good addresses.

To do this, send us your suggestion directly through the app. Click “Propose a restaurant” in the Menu bar side.

Share your good plans so that your friends can benefit from!

What are the three screens of discovery?

The home screen of the application match the restaurants classified by trend of the community around you.

The second screen is the restaurants your friends recommend, starting with the last recommended.

The third screen is the recommendations that you personally by your friends.

Will what information I find on the card of the restaurant?

In the application, on the form of each restaurant, you will find all the necessary information.

  • You will find some real restaurant:
  • The trend of the restaurant built by the Foodz community:
  • The number of your friends who have recommended this restaurant
  • An extract from the map given as a guide to get an idea of the type of dishes and prices
  • The card complete with prices so kitchen by dish type: vegetarian, Non-vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher, hallal.
  • A button to call the restaurant
  • A button for favorite restaurant
  • A button to recommend the restaurant to a friend
  • A button to send a message private advice to the Restorer
  • The most popular Hashtags for this restaurant
  • L deal of the day (gift or discount)
  • The average ticket price
  • The access plan restaurant. We show you How to get to the restaurant and hours restaurant
  • Payment methods offered by the restaurant
  • The number of covered Max
  • The number of people in a maximum group

Sure what to Foodz, we work every day to improve this information so if you are missing information, feel free to write to us at the address: contact@Foodz.fr !

How to recommend a restaurant to a friend?

Digital word of mouth is the basis of Foodz, to do so, nothing simpler!

Click evening on the icon in the top left, either on “recommend to a friend”:




Then tell how many people did you eat so that everyone at the table has a discount and select a friend who recommended the restaurant:

Therefore, a reduction ticket has been created and you can access it.

You can then share (or not) this experience on Facebook by adding or not a personal photo:


How to send a Privy Council in a restaurant so that it improves?

You didn’t like a provision and would like to give some advice to the Restorer, while benefiting for this reduction, Foodz is for you!

Simply click on “Board at the restaurant” and send a message to at least five words.

Then tell how many people did you eat so that the entire table has a discount, and enter your message.

Where are my discount tickets?

In the context menu in the ‘my tickets ‘: topic


How to find a restaurant on Foodz?

To find a restaurant on Foodz, simply click on the “Magnifying glass” button at the top of each page of discovery.

  • Fill in your city (or the name of the restaurant, an address, a zip code, a neighborhood or even a subway…).
  • Typing @ and the name of a friend to find out what restaurants he recommended, classified by trend.
  • Type # then ‘sushi’, ‘VueSurSeine’, etc. to have a “top ten” restaurants recommended by users in this category

What is the magic wand?

On Foodz, find a restaurant is fast and effortless!

Your search result can be customized and stored according to your tastes.

The magic wand allows you to view the restaurants with the best ratio of recommendation, based on your preferences in your profile first.



Better your profile will be filled, more your experience on Foodz will be personalized!

What is space ‘News ‘?

It is a direct communication space between the restaurants you recommended and those who have been recommended!

No spam, just of the info that interests you!



How to filter my search?

On Foodz, your search result will be ordered by default by the trend.




  • Reduction corresponds to restaurants offering the benefits included in a minimum and a maximum. Remember that even at zero percent a gift is offered (at the discretion of the Restorer), such as a coffee or a drink.
  • Trend corresponds to the restaurants “to discover”, “connected”, or good ‘trends’.
  • Kitchen is the type of restaurant food: Italian, Thai, Japanese,…
  • Hashtags allows to find the restaurants whose recommendations carry these markers. It goes from ‘Terrassechauffee’ to ‘SuperPatron’, through ‘QueDuFrais’ or ‘Vegan’.
  • Distance corresponds to the restaurants in the indicated RADIUS.
  • Ascending and descending price will organize your search result based on the map of the restaurants average price.


I am looking for a restaurant offering a specific service (terrace, access person with reduced mobility, parking…). How do I?

To find a restaurant offering a specific service type: terrace, with a dance floor, a bar and a karaoke…

  • Filter with hashtags, nothing simpler!

We will offer you all the restaurants that provide this service!


Can everyone send its opinion on Foodz?

On Foodz, you can file your notice on our partner restaurants only if you have eaten in this restaurant, and this view will be shared with your friends or the conservator if it’s a Board.

Why? Foodz is a benevolent service, more “haters”, of the recommendation with friends when we liked or otherwise Privy a Council to improve the services of the Restorer!

Up to – 50% off the Bill! How is that possible?

On Foodz, this is the restaurant who decides to play the game of the win-win!

Either you make him communication — the Counsellor in a relevant way, in all cases you have a reduction or a benefit in kind.

On Foodz, everyone is a winner!

On Foodz, all restaurants offer promotions?

If it is certain that one of the benefits of our site is to offer exclusive promotions by booking via Foodz, do not forget that first and foremost, Foodz is a guide to restaurants trends and recommendations with friends.

The choice to put in place a promotion on Foodz returns to each restaurant. This explains why restaurants are offering a promotion and restaurants offering not.

Remember that in all cases, that the restaurant is offering a promotion or not, you gain an immediate advantage!

Will what promotions I find on Foodz?

On Foodz, you will find promotions ranging from a benefit in kind like a free drink at 50% on your addition!

On Foodz, share with your friends and enrich the community allows you to be always a winner!

Should I tell the restaurant I came through Foodz?

No not especially, Foodz being a win-win, maybe it’s even him which you propose to recommend this restaurant to a friend!

In all cases after recommended or advised, when you ask for the Bill, show him the ticket of reduction that you just received.

On the other hand, we are all human, the Restorer can forget you apply it. No worries! If he forgets, call him back he discreetly at the time of payment.

By saying that I am a Foodzer with a promotion, would I be served differently?

In no case!

All restaurants in partners of Foodz are committed to treat all customers equally.

Restaurants will also tend to pay more attention to the quality of their provision for members of Foodz!

How can I administer notifications I get from Foodz?

If you want to administer notifications you receive from Foodz, appointment in the tab ‘settings’.

How can I insert a photo of profile to my Foodz account?

You will have a profile photo on your account Foodz if you connect through Facebook.

By default, your profile photo Foodz will be your profile photo Facebook and you can change that by changing your Facebook profile picture.

What the members of the Foodz community information can you they see on me?

The Foodz community can see vos information, only your friends can.

If you sent a message private to the Restorer, it will have access to this information to answer you personally.

How does the Foodz loyalty program?

Foodz is a community based on a friends recommendation and influencing friends is rewarded: If you recommended a restaurant and your friends recommend it to turn (conversion), you have a great reduction bonus!

You can become an “influencer” and be rewarded! Indeed each restaurateur can set up the number of “conversions” of friends to get this loyalty bonus.

To know where you are, meeting in space “recommended by me!

How to use a loyalty bonus?

You have one year to enjoy it in the specified restaurant.